Mid Year Practice Update

In April both Rebecca Harding and Natasha Korbut (Orthotist) travelled overseas gaining new information regarding recent developments in scoliosis management.  Rebecca attended the International Scoliosis conference (SOSORT) in San Francisco spending time with her international colleagues whom are passionate about scoliosis and Natasha was in Germany and then The Netherlands working with and learning from her mentors and teachers Dino Gallo and Dr Rigo.

Whilst June is scoliosis awareness month in the United States, and culminates in International Scoliosis Awareness Day on the last Saturday of the June, we actively work on increasing health practitioners awareness and knowledge surrounding scoliosis throughout the whole year.

This past few months alone Rebecca has spoken to well over 200 health practitioners.  She has presented for the Australian Physiotherapy Association to 80 physiotherapists in Victoria and then 35 physiotherapists in Queensland.  She has also run workshops for myotherapy groups, Pilates Instructors and physiotherapy practices.

Please don’t hesitate to contact the practice if you would like assistance with your scoliosis or with your clients that have it, we love hearing from you.