Rigo Concept (PSSE) Training Courses

This Level 2 course is provided in-person over 6 days, totaling 48 education hours (8 hours/day).  It is mainly practical (80%) and includes students working with real patients and learning new theoretical knowledge.

The Level 2 delves deeper into the Concept and introduces more exercise variations of the unloaded exercises, together with advanced facilitation techniques and teaches new specific exercises in upright positions.  There are more advanced bracing lectures as well as detailed lectures on adult degenerative scoliosis management.

Specific Objectives of the Level 2 course:

  • Describe the General Principles of the Rigo Concept (BSPTS)
  • Consolidate the Specific Principles for Correction to treat the scoliosis
  • Understand the Correction Strategies for the different Clinical Types in Unloaded and Loaded exercise positions
  • Develop a treatment plan considering the clinical and radiological aspects of patients with scoliosis
  • Learn advanced exercises for the treatment of scoliosis

There will be a written and a practical assessment at the end of Level 2 that upon successful passing, permits the physiotherapist to move into the final Level 3.  Access will also be granted to watch comprehensive lectures on Rigo Concept Bracing as well as Adult Degenerative Scoliosis provided by Dr Rigo.  Rebecca Harding will offer ongoing support after the L2 course by way of free monthly mentoring for L2 graduates.

In brief, the Level 3 course brings in post-surgical management (these are mentioned in earlier levels when appropriate), complex case and novo scoliosis management and managing group classes, amongst other things.

Rigo Concept (PSSE) L2 Course


Upcoming Courses:

Monday 22 – 27 January 2024 (6 days) $2900 AUD

Monday 26 – 31 August 2024 (6 days) $2900 AUD


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