Pre-surgical scoliosis

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Schroth exercise pre surgery increases flexibility

Clients planning on having scoliosis surgery often seek the Schroth method as a means to improving the flexibility of the spine in the specific areas of restriction, that being the areas of collapse, also known as the concavities of the curve.

This is to increase the potential for surgery to achieve as straight a correction as possible.

Usually side bending x-rays or x-rays whilst the patient receives traction to their spine, are taken of a patient’s spine in order for the surgeon to gain an indication of how straight they may expect to get the spine for fusion.

If the spine is going to be permanently fused it is understandable that the patient will hope for this to be as straight as possible.

Very targeted expansion exercises to the areas of collapse aim to improve ribcage, soft tissue and spinal mobility for increased flexibility.

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