The entire team at Scoliosis Physiotherapy are delighted with the announcement that SOSORT 2020 is being held in Melbourne. This is an exciting 3 days that brings the best minds and a wealth of experience in Scoliosis treatment together. Earlier this year, Rebecca attended the 2019 SOSORT Conference in San Francisco. “The connections between other

In April both Rebecca Harding and Natasha Korbut (Orthotist) travelled overseas gaining new information regarding recent developments in scoliosis management.  Rebecca attended the International Scoliosis conference (SOSORT) in San Francisco spending time with her international colleagues whom are passionate about scoliosis and Natasha was in Germany and then The Netherlands working with and learning from

Recently Rebecca Harding presented at the Spine Society of Australia’s national conference, whose membership consists nearly entirely of spinal surgeons. The aim was to increase surgeons awareness of the evidence for Physiotherapeutic Scoliosis-Specific Exercises (PSSE ie Schroth) in the conservative management of AIS. What prompted the presentation was the publication in the last 2 years

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