Free Scoliosis Screening

(03) 9077 4344

We provide free screenings to aid diagnosis of the presence of a structural scoliosis or not


It can be difficult for health professionals’ parents and clients alike to decipher which asymmetries are ok and which are not

Often shoulder blade asymmetries that are quite normal and may be associated with left or right handedness, can confuse the situation.

Health practitioners are mindful to not expose the client to unnecessary radiation so may refer clients to us for a free screen to assist in their decision making regarding whether an x-ray is warranted or not.

Some parents with a family history of idiopathic scoliosis, bring their children in every 3 months for free screening during growth spurts, so as to be able to pick scoliosis up promptly, should it arise, thereby allowing greatest opportunity to commence interventions designed to halt curve progression.

Free screenings are typically of 10 minutes duration and may be booked by contacting our reception.

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