Adolescent Bracing

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The primary aim of adolescent bracing is to stop curves progressing into surgical range

Adolescent scoliosis braces are ‘custom made’ which means that they are created specifically to the individuals curve specifications

We are fortunate to have on staff an experienced scoliosis specific Orthotist Natasha,to provide bracing consultations.

Bracing of the torso is usually recommended when scoliosis curves progress to 25˚ Cobb and there is still growth remaining in the child or adolescent. The primary aim of this bracing is to stop curves progressing into surgical range (which is usually recommended at approximately 50˚ Cobb).

A recent study found rigid bracing approximately 70% effective in preventing curves progressing to surgical range. It found the more hours spent in the brace, the better the outcome. Braces that are better accepted by the wearer therefore have increased likelihood of positive outcome.

Our Orthotist Natasha, has been creating custom made braces for scoliosis for many years and has received specific training in international 3D bracing methods. She closely assesses the clients torso, taking more than 20 specific measures around the ribcage and pelvis and combines this information with a 3D scan of the client’s torso that she completes in one of our private consultation rooms. After assessing x-rays and taking standing postural photos from 8 different angles, she the works together with an international team in creating a custom made brace. ‘Custom made’ means that it is created specifically for the individual’s curve specifications. Scoliosis is a 3 dimensional, asymmetric condition so braces subsequently have regions of increased contact over the prominences, and regions of non-contact over the hollows. In this way, custom made braces aim to stop progression of the curve and endeavor to guide growth towards a more corrected alignment.

To check brace effectiveness, one month after being fully weaned in, we refer you to have an in-brace low dose x-ray (EOS). This is the only x-ray we refer you for and being taken whilst wearing the brace, enables us to closely assess the effectiveness of the brace on all 3 dimensions of the scoliosis. We re-measure the key outcome measures (Cobb angle, rotation and side view profile) and determine whether any further enhancements should be made to get more out of the brace. All measures are communicated with the international team and also to your referring.

ALL (any number of) orthotic consultations had, after the initial assessment, are covered in the cost of the brace.

As a general guide, the following appointments are scheduled after the initial assessment:

  • Brace fitting (2 hrs)
  • 1 month post fitting appointment (45 mins)
  • 3 monthly review (45 mins)
  • 3 monthly review (45 mins)
  • 3 monthly review (45 mins)


Should you or your child have any concerns or encounter any difficulties at any stage regarding the brace between these scheduled appointments, we encourage you to contact us and come in for review.

Natasha has been creating custom made braces for scoliosis for many years and is happy to answer any questions you may have regarding our bracing and whether bracing may be suitable for you/your child. We also have adolescents and parents happy to share their experiences of our braces with you, if you would like to speak to them also. Please don’t hesitate to contact us in any way.

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