Rigo Concept (PSSE) Training Courses

The Level 1 course educates physiotherapists about general and specific principles relating to treatment for idiopathic scoliosis and structural hyperkyphosis.  Correction strategies are defined relating to the different curve types, and may be implemented for enhanced therapeutic effect in the various exercise positions taught.

Level 1 is a 6 day in-person course totalling 48 education hours (8 hours/day) involving a mix of theoretical and practical work whereby the majority of the course is practical (70%).

The course builds upon the Base Course information providing further education relating to the clinical and radiological examination (Cobb angles, vertebral rotation measures, Central Sacral Line, Transition Point, Risser and Sanders stage etc) and curve classification as per the Rigo Concept Classification.

There is strong focus on providing deep understanding and application of, the 3D Principles for Correction using the Rigo Concept for treatment and working within treatment guidelines (as specified by the International Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment, known as SOSORT).

The goals of treatment are to facilitate correction of the altered posture and teach the patient to maintain corrections in daily life in order to minimize progression of the curve and optimize quality of life. This Level 1 teaches ‘Unloaded’ exercises with transference into upright awareness and the activities of daily living (ADL’s) as well as the importance of ‘Looking after the person, not just the curve’ (Dr Manual Rigo MD).

The course includes patient demonstrations and additional topics including bracing, home program prescription, core stabilization exercises plus more, as well as a recorded lecture by Dr Rigo regarding PSSE evidence.

Course numbers are strictly limited to 10 attendees to ensure high quality of teaching, student supervision and support.  Students complete a written examination towards the end of the course. Upon completion of Level 1, Rebecca Harding provides ongoing support by way of monthly mentoring to her L1 attendees.

Specific Objectives of the Level 1 course:

  • Describe the General Principles of the Rigo Concept (BSPTS)
  • Establish Specific Principles for Correction to treat scoliosis and structural hyperkyphosis
  • Learn the Correction Strategies needed for each specific case and their application in the different treatment positions
  • Develop a treatment plan appropriate for a specific patient, considering their clinical and radiological aspects
  • Learn the Unloaded Starting Positions (Supine, Prone on Knees, Prone on Stool, Side Lying, Semi-hanging) for the different curve patterns and how to integrate into upright awareness and function
  • Carry out PSSE treatments applying the 3D Rigo Concept (BSPTS) correction principles to create therapeutic tensions for each curve pattern.

Level 1 courses in Australia and Malaysia may be booked through this website, scroll down for registration.

At the end of this Level 1 course, you will be very equipped to manage idiopathic scoliosis in both adolescents and adults.   To continue on the certification pathway, Level 1 trained physiotherapists must take the Level 2 training course within 3 years.  In brief, Level 2 delves deeper into the Concept and introduces more exercise variations of the unloaded exercises, together with advanced facilitation techniques and teaches new specific exercises in upright positions.  There are more bracing lectures as well as access after the course, to comprehensive lectures on adult degenerative scoliosis management by Dr Rigo, in preparation for L3.  The Level 3 course brings in surgical management (these are mentioned in earlier Levels when appropriate), scoliosis in adults including novo scoliosis, complex case management and managing group classes, amongst other things.

Rigo Concept (PSSE) L1 Course


Upcoming Courses:


Monday 5 February 2024 – Saturday 10 February 2024 (6 days) $2900 AUD
Monday 14 October 2024 – Saturday 19 October 2024 (6 days) $2900 AUD

MALAYSIA Shah Alam, Selangor
Sunday 9 June 2024 – Friday 14 June, 2024 (6 days)
$2830 AUD – 1 person
$2730 AUD – per person if 2 people from same clinic register
$2630 AUD – per person if 3 people from same clinic register

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