Practitioner Support

(03) 9077 4344

Are you a health professional requiring support regarding a patient you see with scoliosis?

We are dedicated to knowledge sharing and supporting you with your scoliosis clients.

There are 5 core support options.

  1. Phone us at any time with any question and we will speak with you
  2. Email us any questions, client x-rays/images and we will reply as soon as possible
  3. Attend our ‘Round Table Case Reviews’ held at the Melbourne and Brisbane practices every 8 weeks. This is available for any health practitioner wishing for guidance regarding a specific case. Maximum of 4 attendees, each bringing a case to discuss. An interactive hour learning from the advice provided to all attendees.
    • Melbourne dates 2020, Tuesdays 7 – 8pm: 11/2, 7/4, 26/5, 28/7, 15/9, 17/11
    • Brisbane dates 2020, Thursdays 7 – 8pm: 30/1, 26/3 other TBA
  4. Attend our 3 day Spinal Deformity course. Open to any health practitioner.
    • Auckland NZ: 21 – 23 February 2020
    • Melbourne: 7 – 9 March 2020
  5. Lectures and in-services are available for larger practices (>6 practitioners), medical associations, interested groups. Please email us directly with your request and we will endeavor to meet your needs.

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