Physiotherapy (BSPTS) Training Courses

The Barcelona Scoliosis Physical Therapy School (BSPTS) provides Rigo Concept courses pertaining to the management and treatment of Scoliosis and other spinal disorders affecting alignment.  Courses are for Medical Doctors, Physiotherapists and Orthotists.

The Rigo Concept course for Physiotherapists, teaches successful physiotherapy management within a multidisciplinary setting utilizing Physiotherapy Scoliosis Specific Exercise (PSSE).  This course for physiotherapists is termed Rigo Concept (PSSE).

The Rigo Concept (PSSE) certification pathway is comprehensive and of high quality, where attendee numbers are kept low to ensure maximum support and guidance by the Teachers, both during the courses and between them.  Complete certification involves steady movement through 4 stages:

  • Base Level: Online (8 hours) covering foundation knowledge on scoliosis and other structural alterations of the spine
  • Level 1: In-person 6-day course (8 hours/day, total 48 hours) covering specific treatment principles, correction strategies and unloaded starting positions for idiopathic scoliosis
  • Level 2: In-person 6-day course (8 hours/day, total 48 hours) covering upright loaded and advanced exercises, adult degenerative scoliosis, bracing and supervision of patient treatment
  • Level 3: In-person 6-day course (8 hours/day, total 48 hours) covers post-surgical, complex case and group treatment management

Certification Pathway

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