Rigo Concept (PSSE) Training Courses

Level 3 is an in-person course provided over 6 days totalling 48 education hours (8 hours/day).  There is an even split between theoretical lectures and practical sessions.

Practical sessions include working with real patients who have structural alterations in spinal alignment.

Theoretical lectures include post-surgical management, complex case management and managing group classes, amongst other things.

Specific Objectives of the Level 3 course:

  • Learn about the current surgical approaches for patients with scoliosis
  • Understand the most common post-operative complications presenting to physiotherapy
  • Critically reason complex cases and required modifications to your treatment plan (goals and treatment)
  • Learn how to manage a group of patients simultaneously
  • Establish a strong team around the patients with scoliosis
  • Completely understand the importance of ‘Looking after the person, not just the curve’ (Dr Manual Rigo)

At the end of Level 3 there is a practical exam whereby upon successful completion, the physiotherapist will be awarded their Certificate of Completion of the Rigo Concept (PSSE) as provided by the BSPTS.

Level 3 courses in Australia and Singapore may be booked this website.

Please go to www.bspts.net for more information about Rigo Concept education.

Rigo Concept (PSSE) L3 Course



2023 TBC

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