Rigo Concept (PSSE) Training Courses

The online Base course is offered to any health professional interested in acquiring foundation knowledge about scoliosis and other spinal disorders.

It consists of approximately 40 mini lectures (about 10 – 15 minutes each), taking about 8 – 10 hours to complete online.  Lectures may be completed at your leisure within a 4-month period however physiotherapists wishing to move onto the Level 1 course must have it completed at least 2 weeks prior to the Level 1 so that successful completion may be verified.

Specific Objectives of the Base course:

To educate the students to:

  • Be an active member of a multidisciplinary team, for the treatment of scoliosis and other structural conditions altering alignment
  • Understand the ethiopathogenesis and pathomechanism of the morphological alterations of the spine in the sagittal plane, as well as in 3D idiopathic scoliosis
  • Carry out a clinical and functional assessment of the patient with scoliosis and derive a complete clinical history
  • Make a correct clinical diagnosis of the morphological alterations of the sagittal plane and 3D scoliosis.
  • Use and interpret the Quality-of-Life questionnaires for patients with scoliosis
  • Assess and interpret additional radiological tests of the patient with scoliosis using digital tools for its assessment, diagnosis, comprehension and prognosis
  • Assess, analyse and understand the application of bracing treatment used in structural alterations of the spine
  • Understand the importance of the use of scientific evidence in the non-surgical treatment of the scoliosis
  • Apply the SOSORT Guidelines for Clinical Practice, published in 2018

After the Basic level has been successfully completed, physiotherapists may go forward to Level 1.

The course is available online https://bspts.net/courses/basic-level-1st-ed-scoliosis-english/

Please go to www.bspts.net for more information about Rigo Concept education.

Rigo Concept (PSSE) Base Course