Interesting New Surgery

For those of you nearing or in surgical range, this surgery option looks EXTREMELY interesting.

Developed in Israel, it is a very short ‘ratchet’ attachment that uses post operative movement to lengthen out the concave side of the curve.

From what I can see, it has only been done about 12 times over the past 4 years, so no long term results yet. It says it’s application is for Adolescent Idiopathic scoliosis but I wonder if there is also a place for young’ish adults (good bone density and no degenerative change).

There is quite a good short video that visually shows its action, see the full article that came from here: Ratchet to Correct Adolescent Scoliosis

The second link is the published journal article about it that contains more specific information. It makes reference to the exercises done post op as being Schroth-type. Scoliosis Journal Article

Am certainly going to be watching this surgery option closely – looks promising.