Does postural stability differ between adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis and typically developed?

We all have a small amount of natural sway when standing upright. It has been found that adolescents with developing scoliosis have a greater amount of sway, especially in the front to back direction. Identifying these postural stability deficits early and providing interventions to actively resolve them may be key in preventing progression. If your spine sways away from its centrally balanced position, we want prompt and effective in-body responses to draw it back to mid-line. If our postural alignment detectors are poor, or our responses weak, then our spine will spend more time out of balanced alignment and more time potentially settling into other spinal positions ie scoliosis. Specific targeted postural stabilisation is certainly a keen focus in our Schroth physiotherapy sessions. We believe it is important for both adolescents and adults alike in preventing progression. Read the full article: Scoliosis Journal