Award winning research: effect of compliance

Trying to stop curve progression in adolescence before surgical range is the primary aim of conservative treatment. How compliant an individual is to the bracing and specific exercise programmes prescribed is directly related to likelihood of success or not. Personality traits appear to influence compliance.

This research, published last year, found that those who were compliant to brace wear (average wear of 21.5 hours/day) and specific exercises (25 mins, 4 times/week) had improvements in Cobb angle of 10.2 degrees on average. Those who were non-compliant to recommendations, who wore the brace only 12 hours/day and exercised less than 2 times/week had deterioration in Cobb angle of 5.5 degrees. Personality testing found the compliant group to be more emotionally mature, stable and realistic than the non-compliant group.

The research was award winning and is titled “The effect of compliance to a Rigo System Cheneau brace and a specific exercise programme on idiopathic scoliosis curvature: a comparative study: SOSORT 2014 award winner”.