Bracing Consultations

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All brace assessments are made with our scoliosis Orthotist.

She has specific international training and experience in both adolescent and adult scoliosis brace options, as well as brace options for hyperkyphosis and lumbar pain conditions

For the adolescent brace assessment, it is advisable to allow 90 minutes for the appointment. This allows time for postural and x-ray assessment, and the recording of the many measurements required around the rib cage and torso.

To go ahead with our specific adolescent custom made brace, we require direct referral from your overseeing scoliosis surgeon. We have a number of senior scoliosis surgeons happy to refer for our brace and we keep in close communication with them during all stages of bracing. Please contact us if you would like their details.

Please also be advised that you may book for a briefer initial assessment if simply wishing to find out more about our particular brace, and not be committed to go ahead with its creation immediately. Natasha is happy to spend time discussing bracing and expected outcomes for your particular presenting situation.

For the adult scoliosis brace assessment, an hour is required. This is to allow for specific pain and function history taking, brace tailoring and fitting. We then recommend you stay within the practice, in the brace, for 30 – 60 minutes to get a really good feel of the brace and what its effects are on your symptoms. We encourage you spend time in the postures that are most problematic, whether that be sitting, standing or walking. There is no pressure to purchase the brace straight away. You may go away and think about it and return to repeat the trial at no repeat of cost.

All other bracing options, such as for hyper-kyphosis, are also explored through an hour initial assessment with the Orthotist.

Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss any aspect of bracing before booking for an assessment, we are happy to speak to you.

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