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Treatment goals consider personal wishes and stage of Scoliosis development

Our scoliosis specific goals fall within the basic objectives of comprehensive conservative treatment of Idiopathic Scoliosis, as specified by the International Scientific Society on Scoliosis Orthopaedic and Rehabilitation Treatment (SOSORT)

Goals for the growing adolescent may be to:

  • Halt curve progression
  • Improve brace effectiveness
  • Improve aesthetics, posture and movement function
  • Prevent/delay surgery
  • Improve psychological outlook

Goals for the post surgical client may be to:

  • Return to sport
  • Improve alignment of the non-fused spinal regions
  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve psychological outlook

Goals for the mature client/spine may be to:

  • Decrease pain symptoms
  • Improve posture and functional ability
  • Improve breathing capacity
  • Improve psychological outlook

Scoliosis specific goals:

  • To stop curve progression at puberty
  • To prevent or treat respiratory dysfunction
  • To prevent or treat spinal pain syndromes
  • To improve aesthetics via postural correction

We aim to:

  • Facilitate correction of the asymmetric posture
  • Teach the client to maintain the corrected posture in their activities of daily living

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